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Wrap yourself in luxury with our stunning velvet collection, featuring intricate embroidery and beautiful prints. Enjoy a lavish 50% off on all velvet products today. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer

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"Expertly chosen products from around the world"

Explore our extensive selection of premium unstitched fabric available exclusively at KC Creations. Discover the finest quality fabrics crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail. Unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life with our exceptional range of fabrics.

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Silk Brocades

Silk brocade is a type of luxurious fabric that is woven with intricate patterns and designs. It is often made from silk threads and has rich, textured appearance.

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Embroidery Fabric

Soft and pleasant Denim cotton fabric with flowers and embroidered border. Suitable for trousers, skirts, dresses, shirts, it can also be used for accessories such as handbags and wallets. The denim has a border on one side of the solid edge.

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Georgette Fabric

Georgette is an ideal fabric for dresses due to its comparatively lower sheerness when compared to chiffon. In terms of aesthetics, a Georgette dress presents a gorgeous drape and fits the figure nicely. It is commonly utilized in the creation of evening gowns, bridal wear, and attire for special events. Furthermore, Georgette is a flexible fabric that can be applied to various dress styles including a-line, pleated, flare, and wrap dresses. It is also well-suited for midi dresses and maxi dresses which feature both long sleeves and short sleeves.

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